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How does a social worker turned stay-at-home mom become a photographer? Easy. I've always loved creating memories with my camera of my own family and friends, and decided it was time to get new subjects! So, while my kids were in school, I took courses, had lessons, watched tons of how-to videos on the internet, went through dozens of memory cards, and, here I am.

I started with formal posed shots, but quickly decided that was NOT for me. Once I heard about documentary/storytelling/ photojournalistic, (whatever you want to call it),  photography, I was hooked. Even during a portrait session, I get the posed shots first, then on to the fun photos.  I love seeing how families interact with each other, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and capturing it for your family's memories. 

I have worked with a variety of families, including those with newborns, twins, teenagers, kids with special needs, and large hyper dogs, in a variety of settings including cramped city apartments, large airy houses, and the great outdoors.

My husband and I have two subjects, I mean children, who, at this time, basically ignore the camera whenever I start clicking.

I am obsessed with Hamilton the musical, (no I haven't seen it yet. Yes, I know it's amazing).  I also love Bruce Springsteen, the fact that I can still pogo stick, a great book, autumn, live music, having a fully charged phone, and singing out loud in the car.

Contact me with any questions regarding documentary photo sessions, or if you have a great book recommendation. I look forward to hearing from you.